Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Eisenhower Series?+

A “Call for Nominations” is conducted each June. All nominees complete an application, which is submitted to the Board of Governors along with a letter of recommendation. The Board of Governors interviews all candidates. The Honorary Board of Governors makes final class selections.

What is an “Ikette”?+

An Ikette is the Series nickname for any current class member or alumnus. The name of the series honors President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who campaigned on the theme, “I like Ike.” The phrase and the campaign buttons are celebrations of his wisdom and legacy. Appropriately, women who are associated with the Eisenhower Series are dubbed Ikettes.

How much does membership in the Series cost?+

Once accepted, all class members are required to pay a class registration fee of $125 (starting with Class of 2020). All travel expenses associated with attending class sessions are the responsibility of the member. Additional expenses, such as overnight lodging and meals, should be expected as part of optional social events.

Class members often car pool to and from class sessions, as well as share hotel costs for attendance at the national meeting in Washington, D.C.

What kind of time commitment does the Series require?+

The Series begins in November with an orientation session and ends the following June with graduation. It includes six class sessions typically held on Saturdays at locations throughout the state.

Members are encouraged to attend social events planned around class sessions.

A highlight of the class experience is the national meeting, a three-day event for all National Excellence in Public Service Series organizations in Washington D.C. each Spring.

Who is in charge of the Series?+

An all voluntary Board of Governors is responsible for managing the Series to include the nomination and application process, administration, curriculum, class social events, alumni relations, fundraising and alumni events of the Series.

A voluntary Honorary Board of Governors is responsible for selecting class members.

The current Kansas Republican Party chairperson also chairs the Series as an extension of grassroots education and activism across the state.

Learn more about the history of the National Excellence in Public Service Series and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Series.

Does the Series endorse candidates?+

The organization does not endorse individual candidates or take a position in ballot measures. While not explicitly endorsing candidates, The Series encourages volunteerism and support for local, state and federal GOP candidates in general elections.

Eisenhower Series class members and alumni represent a broad spectrum of thoughts, beliefs and convictions. As such, members and alumni are duty bound to a code of behavior that respects the privacy and views of other members. Soliciting the members of the Series as a whole, whether for business or political gain, is prohibited.